Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April 30

Pat's sporty new apron.  A year old, but the first time she's worn it.  Lace on the bottom.

Tried out a couple new receipes on Kenny and Thelma tonight.  We have a good visit.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

27 April Kenny's new bike

Kenny and I drove to Corona, CA this morning.  He traded in his Honda Quad for this XT250.  about 600 miles round trip.
Kenny, the happy new Yamaha owner

Back in Kingman, the "unload"

I got to give it a quick "saftey check" ride around the neighborhood

The Florida "Blue Bottle" gang of vroc ladies have been here!

An '08 and a new '09.  Some fun riding is in store!

A small store with a snack bar.  About 10 miles North on Stockton Hill Road

Fluffy is thinking this chicken would make a good dinner.  Actually, Fluffy need go get inside soon, we can here a pack of Coyotes that are pretty close.  It's sundown, and they will be down here soon to see if there's anything to eat

This is pretty rugged country, lots of wild horses hang out near here.  The lady that owns the small store has a nice flower garden.

Kenny and Thelma enjoyed their first ride on on the little Dual Sport.    We both got into the 80's for gas mileage, but he did better than me.  I've ordered a new air filter, hope that helps.  And, I have a windshield, and considering the headwind we had, that may have made a difference too.  But, my 82 and his 88 mpg wasn't too bad :-)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Laughlin River Run 2013

Kenny and Thelma.  This picture was taken 2 years ago in Wyoming.  I rode with them down to the Colorado River today, visited opening day at the Laughlin River Run.

Nothing runs like a Deere!

Thanks to a couple of VROC guys, I think I can wear colors again :-)
The strip is only a couple miles long, and every parking lot will be jammed by the weekend.  Still pretty slow right now, but thousands more rolling in

Montana Cowboy left his boots out to air out.  He was no where around.

Little "Tiger Legs"

I think this is a cigar store...Wooden indian

Thelma's ticket from the Tiger Girl won her a nice little Motorcycle Tiger.

Advertising Sun Tans :-).  Actually, I used a lot of restraint on the "skin" pictures.  I may want to come back.

Helmets with horns attached

Would give you strong neck muscles if you wore this on the bike much.  Or anywhere for that matter.

A pretty BROWN dress. Something Karen would like.

Not all chrome and leather.  Kenny and Thelma checking out some of the lovely ladies clothing.

There are several food vendors, but not an over abundance.  Probably because all the casinos have several eating places.

The first time I saw J&M Corporation at a rally, it was just John and nd Mellisa, they rode in on an old Yamaha Venture, with thier "new communitation products".  They have come a long way!  But, only because they have the best products on the market, provide great customer service, and always are making improvenment and new cool things.

Was surprised to see several car related vendors here.

I missed seeing Mike, he was out schmoozing customers :-)  I think I may return tomorrow and talk to him about  seat for the little Harley. The stock seat is a killer.

Wrong Turn and KT wold have been all over this vendor!

Katie Clothes!  She wears thing like this, and wears them well!

Lots of big names here this week.  Every Casino has good entertainment.  And, we saw several stages set up within the vending areas for live music.

White Out!  Or, Casper the friendly bike.  I kind of like it.

A few rules. There was a big sign on the highway coming into town that said "NO COLORS"  After the shootings of a few years ago, they have stepped up law enforcement.  Lots of Police in town.  We saw a squad of about 5 little XT225 Yamahas with full police gear on them.

Travis Tritt and a Creedence Clearwater "sound alike" group is at the Edgewater.

Speaking of Law Enforcement..............

Some of Nevada's best

For only $19,000 this little beauty could be yours!

Huge front wheels and long, low rear ends is the custom look of the year. We saw a lot of bikes similare to this one.

Nice Apes.  I didn't take a lot of bike pictures.  They sort of boggle your mind

This post started with Kenny and Thelma, so it's a good way to end it.  Sure glad we got acquainted with these good people (Woudn't want to be their enemy) :-)  I'll be taking more pictures tomorrow.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

21 April 13

Pat took this picture of a robber!  Don't know what kind of bird, but this is the Humming bird feeder, and he's not suppose to be there!

Thelma and Kenny.  Outside the Kingman Home Show. There were a lot of outside vendors. The commercial exhibits were inside 3 pretty large buildings at the Fairgrounds.

Lots of "Fair Food" booths

Took this for our friend Preston.  I should call him to get some financial advise :-)

Saturday evening they had a Street Rod show in Old Town.  Probably a hundred or so cars and trucks.  I didn't take many pictures, they were all beautiful. This '37 Olds was turned into a "Woodie" and pulled this home-made tear drop.  It's used regularly by the elderly couple that built it.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Carl and I had the Chili.  Good and Plenty.

Showing Kenny and Thelma around the West End of the Canyon

Cool when we left early this morning.  Pat got out her Gold Wing clothes for the first time in several years.

Ed, Kenny and Thelma.  Just a ride with friends!

Sort of unusual for us. It was a "All Harley" day

Second time this week I've been to Nancy Lou's.  Good food, fun place

That's the Colorado River/Lake Mead in the distance.  On the other side is Nevada.

Ed, Carl, Sherm, Pat, Thelma and Kenny (nice hat:-)

I was excited this morning about the ride, and left without my phone or camera!.  Thanks to Thelma, I was able to take a few pictures.  She loaned me her nice little Sony.