Sunday, August 26, 2018

Oatman and Misc August 24, 2018

Kitty Cat at the Hackberry Store

Cool Springs. Route 66 on the way to Oatman.  I've finally decided to sell this Burgman Executive Scooter.  It's a very similar engine to the new 650 Kawasaki we have.  Don't need  2 similar bikes

Inside this box is a large meter to check your A1C.  Well, Maybe not.

Lots of nice shirts, but mission was to find a Tie Dye.  From this room, a lot of very expensive antiques and momentos were stolen by the last Manager.  Sad story.

Top of Sitgreaves Pass.  Can you imagine the old cars from the 20's- 40's going over this road.  Pat's mother remembered traveling Route 66 several tiimes here in the 1930's.

Nice motorcycle road

The Burros are all wild.  They are free to come and go, and sort of rotate from the town to the desert area

This guy will talk to you.  There are MANY interesting shops along the main street of Oatman

Next to the Oatman Hotel, which I forgot to take a picture of.  It's where Clark Gable and  Carol Lombard spent their Honeymoon.  It's still preserved to show their room and area up stairs

It's been a couple of months since I've been over here.  Last time, there were thousands of Tee shirts, always good sellers in most of the stores. Was amazed as how few are left now near the end of the season.  There are still some nice ones

The greeting committee

Lots of stuff

They can be pretty annoying if you look like you have a alfalfa pellet in your  pocket  

Just imagine the old cars that have bought gas here over the years

Route 66 sign

So..this means I have 2 bikes left for sale.  Will be keeping only 2

Yuma, Morning of the 25th.  I made a quick one day round trip.  This is my friend Redd's new sitting and BBQ area.  Redd's Roost.  I went to Mexico to buy Vanilla and have my teeth cleaned.  Of course a visit to Molcas Tacos.

Back in Kingman.  This Moon rise from HALT.  Help Animals Lives Today.  Pat needed help setting up a temporary kennel for a new puppy, so I went out with her

2009 Honda Shadow Aero.  It's the other one I'm trying to sell.  Took this picture the morning of Aug 26, 2018.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Harley delivery, etc 22 Aug 18

2017 Vulcan S

2007 Burgman Executive

North Kingman, near the HALT Animal shelter

Some gourds growing out in the desert

Area 51. The Aliens captured Craig

Graeme, From Boise, ID,  Taking possession of his new bike in Winnemucca, NV

He's ready for  a long ride home

We drove down to Hawthorn, NV to spend the night

Sunrise.  Smoke from many California fires are filling the skies in Arizona and Nevada

Booming city of Goldfield

If only that old Sheriff's car could talk!

Stuff in town

Craig's dream truck

Goldfield's Fire department truck

Old High School

Dinky diner

I-11 has several miles finished South of Las Vegas

Now by-passes Bounder City, and 2 Casinos just north of Hoover Day

A new view point

Looking over Lake Mead

Now difficult to get to the Hoover Dam Cassino, and the Railroad Casino. Will hurt their business

Home to Arizona, on I-11