Saturday, September 20, 2008

A nice Mallard catching some sun in Winchester Bay.

Sign in the floating restaurant where we ate.

This used to be a floating coffee shop, but is now a full blown restaurant. Karen and Preston and I went for a ride today. High 70's to low 80's here on the coast, and no wind. Very unusual, but nice. I had shrimp scampi, it was good.

After the meal on the water, we rode over to Kitty's Forever Christmas, a very nice gife shop that also has wonderful pies and other bakery goods. They have a nice lunch deli too. This Cherry Rhubarb was to die for! They have a piano bar inside, with a few old folks singing along. We opted for the outside table today since we don't have many days this nice on the ocean.

Kansas has nothing on us! There were some beautiful dahlias and other flowers, and some of these "bird feeding" sun flowers.

Big water tower in Sacramento, California

This is a nice little "watering hole" on Hwy 20. I was going to stop for something cold to drink, but, contrary to the sign, it was closed.

Hwy 20 between I-5 and Hwy 99 goes through some nice live oak canyons, and along the shores of Clear Lake.

Granzella's in Williams, CA, has recently been remodled. I had a very nice breakfast here.

Ice cream parlor also sells Gelato. Very pretty display. Granzelle's is a very interesting place!

A "Juicer", as Bruce (Big Twin) calls them. I passed dozens of these today, going both ways! Seems like they would all be going one way. Anyway, tomatoes are in harvest I guess. Bruch says they spill sometimes and make the highway so slick they cause wrecks. I notices that some of the trucks were covered with canvas.

Valley Farms has a Cheese factory, a fruit and nut store, and a small "theme park". This BBQ wagon makes some might fine Tri-tip sandwiches!

Behind the gift shop.

Lots of interesting things to see here.

I took many pictures, will only post a few.

The VROC hang out. (Ice Cream Parlor)

Lots of shell and rock things for sale, I think this is a turtle.

Inside the Mexican Deli in Lodi, California. The food was good, but I wasn't able to eat half of the super Burrito and a chicken tamale.

I had been eating on this for a long time, couldn't get any more down. It must have weighed about 4 pounds! Eye's were larger than tummy....

Lots of Pinata's for sale, they are all over the store. the small ones are only $4.98, the larger, more elaborate ones of course cost more.

Part of the sea food, it's all laid out so nice. I bought some Mango yogurt, and some Pina colada yogurt to take to Don's for dessert. It's sold in the bulk from large stainless steel containers in the cheese department.

This is where Geronimo lived when he visited Holbrook.

Hotter than blue blazes as I enter beautiful Southern California. 100 degrees. It's still in the mid 90's here in Barstow at 7 PM.

Crossing the mighty Colorado River, the border of Arizona and California on I-40

Note the thermometer.........100 degrees. (you'll probably have to click on the picture to see it)

Still nice up here in the high country. In another month is will be getting icy in the evenings.

One Kokopelli's houses.

Kiwi Don, the last night at ES. He now starts another 2 month vacation before heading back to the winter in New Zealand.

Mark Hicks, Ron and Wildrose. They had one night to visit before heading back home.

This is what happens to an overloaded trailer that turns down a steep driveway.

Texas, a good place to be.

Braums got it's start in Oklahoma. It's a large chain now. Wonderful Ice Cream

Badger, Charlie and Skid...the last night.

This lady sings at the Iron Horse. She does a good job.

This Mission was built in 1706. It's been remodeled several times, but still has the same floor plan, and some of the original construction materials

Tinker and Sherm in New Mexico

Tinker and his lady, Kristine. We had a nice visit today, and some mighty fine desserts

This was mine...............Recommended by Tinker!

And this was Tinker's plate.

Jack, Barb and Sherm in Romo's.

Phyllis Romo, Jack and Barb. Phyllis is a Harley rider, some of you may have met her at the RRR in Utah. She owns this Mexican Restaurant in Holbrook.

Love the Arizona Flag!

I just went through a very light rain shower, didn't last long.

Summer is over, there were only 2 Vendors at this popular spot on I-40 today.

This is how they save toilet paper in Eureka Springs.
Lucky Al, Teri Conrad and Skid. This banner was placed on a table and everyone signed it as a gift for Moon for the work she has done on the rally.

Lucky Al is singing at the Iron Horse after the banquet. He has "fire in his eyes"

This is a 1976 Gold Wing, with an 1100 engine. He steers it with a tiller. It was nicely done, and very interesting to look at.

Moon and Teri.

Six Pack Jack, Sandy, and Randy (Rainman)

In front of our room. Just washed the Lees-ure Lite trailer, and waiting for Ron and Cheryl to pick it up.

They made it! Cheryl (Wildrose) and Ron drove up from Georgia today, will have to head home on Sunday for work Monday morning. Guess if they get tired, they can stop and take a nap in the new trailer!

The end of the line of bikes that went on the Memorial ride. I didn't count all of them, but it was a pretty large group. Phil Jackson took the lead and brought us to the top of this hill.

Inside the Smoke House on the West side of ES, there are hundreds of license plates. this one is on the door coming in.

I was so excited over the size of the bisquits here that I forgot to take a picture!

A Smoke House T shirt.

Inside the Thorncrown Chapel. It's a mostly glass church in the woods. We went in and sat for a few minutes. It's a beautiful building in a prefect location.

Well, this isn't real cool, but it's the moon over the Iron Horse Stable. It was a lot prettier there and it is in this picture, but it gives you an idea. A beautiful evening.

Early Saturday morning, people are gathering for the Memorial service. It honors vroc membors that are no longer with us.

Some of the bikes on the Memoria ride.

Cassy Smith and the wonder dog Cuddles. She took a lot of good pictures during the rally.

Moon is placing Kilo's ashes in the wind. If you click on the picture, you can see the cloud leaving her hand.

I made an early morning ride into Springdale, Arkansas yesterday morning to visit the Honda shop. These guys were out having breakfast in a pasture. And all the time I didn't know Brillo made it here this year!

Jim Ayers (Wrong Turn) had a pretty colorful dinner at the banquet. The food was very good this year!

Teri Conrad, the representative from Kawasaki, and the Editor of Accelerate magazine, was the guest of honor, and also handled the raffle. Kawasaki donated a LOT of nice items, and there was several donations from businesses and private individuals too. The raffle lasted almost 2 hours!

It was nice of the motel to make us famous! The banquet was held here in the Convention Center. It was a very nice facility, and the food and services were all excellent.

Janie and Phil on their deck for the weekend party at the Iron Horse Stable.

"The Band"

Lucky Al, Skid, and Teri made a presentation to "Moon" for the work she's done for the Rally.

Moon and Flamekiller. He's reading her plaque. This was to be her last year, but she may be carrying on to do the rally again next year.

There were over a hundred people at the Banquet. Numbers were passed out, then tables were drawn for the order of serving. It all went well. There was plenty of food. This was the "Best" table! Sandy, Skid, Teri, Slammer, Coyote, Jim Ayers, Mark Hicks, CC rider, and my empty chair.

Food was served buffet style. A good variety, and plenty of it.

This was Charlie's plate

There were 9 Wings in the parking lot. There were more Gold Wings at the rally, but these were line up together
The parking lot at the Convention center, they are starting toline up for the group picture.

"Kiwi" Don Markel, and Joe Paradise "Badger"

Jim Ayer's "Wrong Turn". You just can't take this guy anywhere!

Chuck (Mac Guy) and Mark (Grumpa) It's good to have some others from the PNW here this year!

Chuck and Mark in the parking lot.

Three bikes with license plates that say VROC. Three were a couple more here at the rally. The Tupperware on the left is Slammer's "Weed Eater"

Coyote went out of his way to get a Gold Wing Shop manuel, and is intalling it on my laptop in the trunk. Was having a question about an O2 senson, and he got the information for me.

And here we thought Gold Wings were the only ones that carried stuffed animals. Here's a well equipped Vulcan.

Mitch Pittman, almost a local. He lives about 50 miles down the road.

I stopped to take a picture of the mules, and got howled at by this pretty hound dog.

Lucky Al is playing "Killroy" outside the Iron Horse patio.

This bit of vegetation was growing in our bathroom in Room 2 at the Iron Horse Motel

Chuck is digging into a trunk, and Mark looks on