Saturday, May 25, 2013

Oregon trip Late May 13

Pat is paying for our goodies at the NEW Bandon Cheese Factory

A nice visit to Bandon by the Sea

Food and fun by the mouth of the Coquille River

Small town, but lots of places to feast on fresh seafood

A lot of our VROC friends will remember Cranberry Sweets.  A VERY bad place to go :-)

We were too busy visiting the normal familiar places in town we didn't stumble on this until it was closing up.  Maybe next time.

Not a warm day, but the tourists really don't seem to mind

Washed Ashore,
Very interesting place.  Everything used in the structures was found on the beach.  Made by volunteer labor too.

We also visited the inside exhibits. The lady that started this project has a traveling exhibit, and semi-permenant ones here in Bandon and one in Homer, Alaska.

As usual, I ate too much sugar-free candy and suffered for a few hours :-)

Super quality!

All made right here in Bandon

From lunch to Fine Dining, this is a good place to eat

The little town is home to a lot of Artisans, there is work like this everywhere

Oregon Sea Pony

Nice work!

Bandon light house.  This is where the Coquille River dumps into the ocean.

This 47' Motor Life Boat is stationed about 25 miles North of here at Station Coos Bay.  It's on patrol down here today, and will be participating in the "Blessing of the Fleet" that will be going on later this afternoon.

Cute little seal

Oregon Myrtlewood.  Only grows here and in the Holy Land

Karen is hiding in the woods

Waiting for lunch at the Bandon Bakery.  Good food!

We can all agree with this!

Inside a Chocolate shoppe

Pat and Karen are drooling

Chocolate temptations

Belgium in the bulk

Tree made of all chocolate

Chocolate Bouquet


A gallery with beautiful sculptures and paintings

Getting his point across

Not only does she know all about all the displays, she entertains.  A fun place.

Street music.  He was good too.

Both sides of the street are full of fun shops

There ARE treasures here

As you leave Old Town

More picturs from Washed Ashore

The lady that built this left different levels in some of the bottles.  She plays music on the Starfish made from scraps

Sea Lion

Carol and Neil, Pat, Karen (hiding again) and Preston

Inside a whales skeleton made of plastic items "washed ashore"

Shoes from "who knows where"

Karen checking the lion

Friendly little turtle

Shore Pine

Sempre Paratus

Fresh fish caught today

Cleaning the catch

These boats replaced the old reliable 44' MLB. Lots of memories here

If your ship is sinking, this can be a welcome sight

Lunch time at the fish cleaning station

Oregon Poppies

Wooden sentinal

Bandon totem

Fisherman's truck

Face Rock

Some Beach

This is a very pretty weed

Pretty...but it's cold and damp.  I traded this for the desert.

Wild Strawberries

It is easier to Live off the Land in the Pacific North West than in a lot of other places.

Especially when you can eat chocolate paper!

My friend Skid can relate to this :-)

Just a couple more shots of washed ashore I took with the phone


Sunday morning breakfast at Tai's Dynasty in North Bend.  Pat is checking out the specials

Karen is resting up to see what kind of mischief she can get in next

Bob showing Geno pictures of some parts he made in the machine shop where he works

The Gang.  THIS is what we miss about Coos Bay.  Our friends, closer than family.

A healthy lunch.  Some of the others ate a little more :-)

The Red, White, and Blue for Memorial Day.