Monday, October 31, 2011

325 Mile Fall Ride

First attempt at making "liver mush".  Picked up some fresh liver, cooked it up tender, then put it in the blender.  Boiled some polenta, added sage,  red pepper, a little sea salt and mixed it all up.  Made this loaf and put it in the fridge.  In the morning I'll slice off a couple of 1/2 in thick slices and fry them up.  Should go good with a couple of eggs.
Highway 93 a little North of Wikiup.  We left Ed & Carl's place in Kingman about 7:45.  I was late getting there because of a phone call.  Beautiful morning!

Highway 96.  I didn't take many pictures, most of these are on the "fly".  We covered 325 miles of 2 lane roads, some with 35-45 mph speed limits, in around 7.5 hours.  Included a gas stop, couple of "pop" stops, and a late lunch.

Several different kinds of terrain, vegetation, etc.

We blew by Kirkland.  Next time it will be a stop for some better pictures

Highest elevation by the GPS was around 6100 feet.

This is Halloween Day!  And we're in Skull Valley!  These school kids were "trick or treating" the one or two business in the middle of town.

From what I could see, this store and an old gas station were about it for Skull Valley City.

These could be some of the oldest working pumps in the country!  I thought they were closed, but a man came out and wanted to know if we needed gas.  Price on the pump was $3.49.  Nothing digital on these babies!

Cute kids.  The were heading across the street for the gas station, so we pulled out:-)

I feel so blessed to live in a place where I can ride to visit places like this.

The road into Prescott

Highway 89, going North out of Prescott and the Chino Valley.  We're cooking along pretty good.

We came out at Ash Fork on Highway I-40, and make a short jump to get onto Route 66.  There are 10 or 12 Burma Shave sets of signs between here and Kingman

Been in the 70's all day.  Here it's a perfect 77 degrees

One of the several "Tourist Traps" on Route 66 in Seligman.  I hope they never have to close.

A late lunch was planned at the Copper Cart in Seligman.  But, they are closed on Monday. So, we went to the old standby, the Road Kill Cafe.  The piano is dressed up for a Halloween party tonight.

The bar looked like it was doing more business than the restaurant

Half pound open face Chili Burger with potato salad.  It was very good.  Carl had the same, Ed had a Club Sandwich

I didn't like it much :-)

Some fresh cut plastic flowers added to the Fall feeling in the air.

I don't see many left overs on Carl's plate either. He had a large pile of French fries with his Chili Burger

OK.  No debate there. :-)

The entry

I think this place has better food, but the guys don't like the gravel parking lot, so we passed on it today. Actually, what we had at the Road Kill was very good.

The old West.  This was probably a tourist trap when Route 66 was in it's hey day

Lots of tour buses stop here, so there had to be atteactions

Popcorn Sutton used to have a still near here :-)

What a purty bike!  Ed and I swapped for about 35 miles, I wanted to check out the frame mounted fairing on his Road Glide.  I liked it a lot. This is Ed on my bike.

Ed and Carl both have this more modern display.  It's nice, and makes the bike feel lighter since the weight of the fairing is mounted to the frame instead of the forks

A reservation road.  It's about 60 miles from here to the Grand Canyon where the Supai Village is located (at the bottom)  We rode out there a few years ago, very interesting place.  Before you get there, you climb about a thousand feet up into the pine forests and big red rocks

Peach Springs, on the Rez.  This building is still in use. 

The largest, and one of only a few, houses in Valentine, Arizona

I wave as we sail by the Hackberry Store.  We're only 25 miles from the house now.  It was a very good day.  Thanks to Ed and Carl for the invite to ride with them!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Craig Scott visit

Desert Riders, Pat & Sherm.  Taken Oct 30 near the West End of the Grand Canyon.  Picture taken by Craig Scott.
Motorcycle friendly. They sponsor a run up here every Spring

The General Store at the Resort

Pat and Craig. Early Sunday morning getting ready for breakfast at 6500 feet.

There were 7 Elk right outside the window where we ate.  6 Cows and one young Bull

All the food was fresh and excellent!  The cheese blintz were light and fluffy, and served with strawberries and whipped cream.  We didn't (couldn't) try everything, if we wanted to be able to walk out.  We all ate too much anyway.  The gravy was spicy and full of sausage.

After a mediocre dinner at the Hot Rod Cafe last night, this totally made up for it!

Instead fo plastic jam packets, we had our choice of several flavors in individual jars.

We all had a free floor show!  The young bull was in rut, and did his best to impress the ladies.  They were able to disappoint him, but it was funny watching their actions play out.

The reactions of the other diners was a funny as watching the Elk.

Good sign. But the is the second time we've been here to eat, and the service was much above average both times

The welcoming committee leader

Craig in a Palm forest.  I took a couple good pictures of him out front of the Mystic Munchie on the Harley, but the the camera must have been set wrong, because the aren't on the memory card..Bummer.............

We all had fresh smoothies, and Craig ordered a sandwich to go.  The Smoothies were delicious.  We were still full from breakfast, so wasn't interested in eating anything.

The Desert Oasis was still as good as the other times we've been there.

I took a picture of this before, but find it pretty.  It's an Assembly of God church in Dolan Springs.  This is around noon on Sunday, they must have had an early service, or a very small congregation.

8500 foot peak behing the Hualapai Mountain Resort.  It's very crisp and beautiful up there.  16 miles from our house, 12.5 miles up the hill from downtown Kingman
Our pet Quail come visit every day.  The big Owl is keeping watch to make sure they don't fall off the roof.  There are about a dozen that make a regular lap of the fence and roof.

Craig Scott.  VROC friend from Edmundton, Alberta stopped by for a visit.

A short trip over Sitgreaves Pass to Oatman.  Craig is shooting a wild burro.

This little guy is too young to eat carrots, but is trying his best to get one from Craig.

Click to read if you're interested.  The honeymoon suite is upstairs.  It's closed for now due to renovating to make it safe for tourists to go up there.  We've been up stairs several times, and was perfectly safe :-)

A Remington? or, maybe just a Winchester...

Craig checking out the dollar Bar

The Dining room in the Oatman Hotel

Thousands of dollars on the walls and ceiling in the Oatman.

Fanny was a good ol' girl!

The Dust Witch Gallery.  Nothing magical here, just One Old, Tired, Mean Woman!

An old Fordson tractor.  Very cool!

Oatman was busy today.  The Goldroad mine has re-opened.  Because of the price of gold, it's paying to put it back in operation.  About a half mile out of town.

Let's see...which is the Canadian.....

Awww, that's the one!

Lots of interesting places in the approximately 4 blocks of down town Oatman

This is on the side of the Oarhouse.

If you look closely (or click the picture) you can see several wild burros down there.  We're several miles out of town now.  The hill are full of them.

Maybe we don't have tiny deer walking the streets of Kingman, but just a few miles out of town we have Mountain Goats.  These are wild animals on the hill between Kingman and Oatman.


More scenery.  This is the original Route 66 going out of Arizona into California.  The Main street in Oatman was part of The Mother Road

The Hot Rod Cafe advertised an "all you can eat" dinner of ribs, chicken, corn or the cob, potatoes and beans. We got plenty to eat, but don't think we'll go back.

The cook came out and said she had just made peach cobbler.  Not bad, but didn't make up for the other food.  At least it was a fun time.  We enjoyed visiting, and the things in the cafe are real cool.  The very young waitress was nice, but sort of baffled. :-)  All good except the main course...