Saturday, March 31, 2012

Back in Kingman

Like that bird leaving the orange tree, people are bailing out of Lynda Vista.

"Have ya been doin' much farmin'?"  Dale and Ev are packed and ready to leave their nice lawn.  Darrell is discussing something important :-)

Janet risks catching my cold to stop in to say goodbye.  She'll  be on the road in a few minutes.

Jump forward 3 days.  Didn't take pictures from Yuma to Tucson, then back to Kingman.  Now it's Saturday morning. Cat and James we riding in the desert last, and around 9:30 arrived in Kingman, and promptly had a flat tire on Cat's Nomad.  They made it to this Quality Inn.

Handy place for a flat, since Cat sold her trailer to a guy here in Kingman last year.  Didn't take too long to get the big Kawasaki loaded on the trailer.

The people at the Harley shop loved seeing a "metric" bike being hauled in :-)

All finished.  Gave us just enough time to have a nice visit and show them our new home.  This tire with tax and labor set them back nearly $500!!  They will be in Laughlin tonight, hopefully making enough at the games to recover the cash!

Pat, Cat, and Jim.  They're getting ready to hit the road.  A beautiful day here in the high desert.

Friday, March 23, 2012

What a day.........

Sophia Jewel, 1998-2012.  We called her Julie, or Baby Cakes.  She added much to our lives for 14 good years.  We miss you, little one.  She was never over 3 pounds, but she packed  lot of love into that little body.

This blossom popped open on the day of Julie's passing.

Rosie, our little long haired Chihuahua passed almost 4 years ago.  We hadn't been able to let go of her ashes until today.  Both of our "girls" will spend eternity together here in the desert. near the Mexican Border.
Lanny "Biglefti" Badten, came over from Sun City West to help us recondition out bath tub.  He did a beautiful job!  He got a little high breathing M.E.K., but managed to get through the project.  He's a VERY handy guy!

Jan organized a Gospel Jam here in the Park Ramada.  We took a break from the house project to listen for awhile

Lanny and I rode the little bikes down to the Ramada to hear the music.

Near the rear of the park, in this grove of Palms, the the park Swimming Pool.

Jan & Bonnie always sound good singing together.  Hard to believe that in ONE WEEK, Pat and I will be back in Kingman!
After the work was done, Lanny and I rode over to this  little  street cafe for some good Mexican food.  March 22, 2012 was a VERY full day.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Last Mexico for awhile

Jose, Redd, and Mrs. jose.  She was showing us a picture of their grand daughter.  Last visit down here until Fall probably.  EXCELLENT breakfast.  Love this place!

Redd, Flat Stanley, and a couple of his friends.  All the street vendors and hawkers  down here know Redd.  He's been over here a lot, for the last 60 years.

On the Quechan Reservation, there is a nice pet cemetary that's been here for many years.  Someone recently cleanded it up, it looks very nice now.

T-Dub and XT was our transportation.  It used to take an off road vehicle to get back here, but I think I could drive the car in here now.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

March is half over

Char, a lady in our park, is out sporting her Saint Patrick's Day clothes 

Air show in Yuma today.  I rode the little bike out to get a good place to watch

Being close to the Mexican Swap meet, I had to go over here for a bacon wrapped hot dog before the action got going good

The Girls

AF Thunderbirds.  They put on a perfect show, but they go too fast for my little camera to get real good shots

The sound and action really makes your heart pump.  Good old fashioned American Enterainment.
Bill & Barb visited us from Quartzsite today.  We're going to Cretine's for a Mexican Buffet

Bill's "first" plate

Bill & Barb had met Redd before, so after lunch we went to admire some of the new landscaping.

This young couple is checking into the Apache Hotel :-)  We had a nice visit!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Yuma Sign Boards

Near exit 12 on I - 8

North end of Pacific Avenue, edge of a Cotton Field

East side of Yuma

West of Yuma in I-8  All the rest of these are within about a mile of the California/Arizona Border

Red Earth is up near the Salton Sea on Hwy 86

Not sure what they are advertising, but like the sign

The location of this place has been 4 or 5 different kinds of restaurants since we've been coming to  Yuma

The Winterhaven/Yuma exit right on the Border. The exit is a bridge over the Colorado River.  House is about 2 miles from here.
Marlys and Pat sit and let the BBQ settle down before the concert.  I wandered over to the Cold Stone for a small dessert in the desert.

Pete Pancrazi Quartet.  They were very good.

Pete does smooth jazz, blues, nice vocals and plays the guitar real well.  He probably does more, but that's what we heard tonight

Sun going down at 7 PM, and there's an hour more to go of music.