Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Misc. Yuma Pictures

11/21/11.  Redd went with me to Kingman to pick up a few things we needed in Yuma.  We stopped for lunch at Dora's in Old Town.

11/23/11.  I rode the scooter to San Luis.  Wanted some Wrangler jeans that all the  Yuma stores were out of, so headed to the Border.  Picked up 2 pair, then, on the way home, stopped in Gadson to say hello to "Charlie".  He was disappointed I didn't have any food for him, but think he was glad to see me :-)

Katie took this picture last Winter.  On the bridge over the Gila River.
Jim & Katie's cactus are healthy and growing.  We got all the weeds out and trimmed the Fire Cactus, which had grown clear over to our carport! 

The Olander that was a big controversy last year are growing fine. (These pics for Jim & Katie)

The T-Dub and the Classic have dust on the covers, but they are just sitting here waiting for you!

We brought out "traveling" plants with us. They like Yuma too.

The small one was a gift from Karen & Preston, several years ago.  It was about dead, but the Desert dirt and climate is healing it.

This a first!  there is a line getting into Mexico!  Never before have we had to stop to get in. The inspection station is on the US side. The Mexican side is at least manned now, but they just smile and wave you through. The US side is a very serious and grouchy experience.

Since we had a huge Thanksgiving potluck here in the park last weekend, we decided to go to Algodones for some fresh Tamales and Shrimp Tacos.  They were delicious! The pink things are pickled onions.  We'll have a little something else on this side of the Border a little later.
Happy Thanksgiving to all! 

Friday, November 18, 2011

Ride to meet Garry VanDereyk

Garry VanDerEyk from Canada and Florida was in Arizona, so we managed to get together.  We met in Wellton, in Chuck's Stagestop Cafe.  Nice visit and the Ortega burgers were good!

Garry's nice Voyager..I rode the Burgie today, forgot how quick and comfortable it is after riding the Harley last Summer.

Was nice to have some time to get acquainted.  We met briefly several years ago in Eureka Springs, we've both passed a lot of white lines since then :-)  Garry is a "hard rider", and a good guy!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Yuma pictures

This balloon is right over our RV Park, the Lynda Vista on W. 5th Street in Yuma.  Next weekend the sky will be full of these, it's the weekend of the Annual Balloon Festial here.  They will lift off about a mile from the house.

Friday, November 11, 2011

On the road to Yuma

Craig Scott on my scooter.  I found this picture in the camera's memory, should have posted it sooner.  One of my favorite places!

The Green Lizard was a mess when we got here today, but, after 6 months it fired right up!  It's not stranger to rain!  The bikes get the car port, so until I store the RV, it gets the pad in back where we usually park.  Very unusual RAIN the evening we arrived in Yuma.
Where except Walmart would you find a Mountain of Mountain Dew!!
We didn't leave Kingman until 3:30 PM, so decided to spend the night here by the Colorado River in Parker, Arizona


Nice Trailer!

The picture doesn't show the strong colors of the sunset. About 5:45 on 11-11-11.

This one is for Bob & Ronda.  We're taking the Plant to Yuma with us.  Home sweet home in the Walmart parking lot.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Snow! November 5, 2011

Carl & Ed Anderson at "The Last Supper" in Kingman for 2011.  We're heading for Yuma tomorrow.  Pat fixed a nice dinner, it was nice to have company.
The Hualapai mountains, around 5000 feet, are covered with snow!  From the back yard.

It's 40 degrees,  and there is SNOW on the roofs!  Downtown Kingman is at 3400 feet at the railroad tracks, we're at 3500 feet here in our neighborhood (according to the GPS)

Little Savannah Girl has never seen snow!  She had gray hair and it giving us the "cold shoulder"

Gray Skies this morning to the West. 

The sun is coming out.  Our front lawn is covered with snow!

The Toyota hasn't seen snow before.  A new experience!

Bull Mountain to the West is white too. Camera on zoom, those houses are across the street and look farther away without the zoom.