Thursday, August 26, 2010

Retread Ride to Eat

This little Pom showed up at our house today. Very friendly, just a little fluff ball of joy! He did have a phone number on his collar. so we returned him. A real sweetie! Julie didn't like him much. She growled. Not a good hostess.

Paul took this pic of me in Elkton. Good Picture of the bike, but who IS that old guy.......?

Five of us left 101 HD this morning. It was chilly with a heavy fog. We had some misting between Myrtle Point and Camas Valley, but the sun came out soon after that and it was beautiful the rest of the ride.

We had Joe, Paul, Ralph and Jerry (and Sherm) on the ride. Here we're visiting and getting ready for lunch at the China Buffet.

I didn't take any of my usual food pictures today, and missed some real nice shots along the river on Hwy 138 between Southerlin and Elkton. Too busy visiting and riding to stop for pics today. This one is in downtown Elkton, where we stopped for a soda pop and more visiting.

Arlene's, a place famous for the past...was right across the street from where we stopped

There's out bikes. We had Ralph's Sportie, Joe's Dyna, Paul's new Beemer, Jerry's Shadow and my Deuce. Tomaselli's is in the background, one of my favorite places to eat.

Some bright and pretty flowers in Elkson.

Found some shade. The last stop was by the river in Scottsburg, where I forgot to take a picture. It was a fun day..think I'm going to have to join this group! :-)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Dual Sport

Right out of the box! The wrench just finished putting everything together and tested it. I love this old Yamaha shop. Wood floors, smell of oil and gas, and a good clean feeling about it.

Ron, the owner, came out to hand me the keys and paper work, and took this picture. I've known Ron for over 20 years. A good, honest, dealer. Hard to find.

Just got 'er home! Will check everything out, and head for the DMV for title and registration. Most dealers charge a documentation fee, but Ron just let me have the MSO, and a bill of sale, so I saved quite a bit getting it done myself. It's a cute little bike, but doesn't go very fast! :-) Will be a perfect RV bike, and great in the desert!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

More camping pictures

Franklin Turner. Singer and Keyboard...He and his wife Carol performed Saturday night at the Last Resort.

A pretty little Maltese. She was at the concert too.

Dustin, part owner of the Resort is demonstrating his mother's boa.

The Guitar players wife. She is from Guatemala.

Carol Turner. This lady can really belt 'em out! A great singer, and..a great artist. She's painted many nature pictures that are just beautiful.

Jazz and Blues are his specialty. One of the entertainers of the evening.

I think there was more than one King at this Mardi Gras

And of course, there was the Jester!

Starting the second night. This fire will be good later on when it gets chilly here in the mountains.

Berries and fruit of the vine, and Mardi Gras beads....

Sherm is playing Indian Scout.

Karen, Carol and Preston

Pat, Ronda and Bob..

Pat brought some of her home made bread for toast, and made us all a large green chili casserole. We also had a wonderful fresh fruit and berry bowl. It was a good Saturday morning breakfast.

Preston, Ronda dn Pat. Pat is reaching for the "tame" jalapeno slices.

Richard enjoying his breakfast. He beat us pretty bad at dominoes later on. Beginners luck!

Rock outcropping on our way to Toketee Falls

Preston and Karen on the log

Bob, Dolly and Ronda

Karen and Ronda by a log that fell down and had to be cut out of the trail

Swift running water.

Bob is being brave..or......well, we'll stick with brave.

A large chunk of tree that got stuck during one of the river's flood stages

Is that a Bear in the Woods?

Bob and Karen on the log

They made it out, but can they get back?

Weekend of Camping

Karen walking on water.

One of the small Falls leading up to the big one.

Powerful water

Our destination, Toketee Falls

Another shot. If you click on the picture you can see a tree growing out of the rocks on the left side of the Falls

Better shot of the tree

Bob and Dolly

Fern-like trees along the trail

It was about a half mile walk to get back to the Falls. Lots of steps and elevation changes

I think these rock figures must be Indian signs

This was a VERY tiny flower. Fun to work with the macro setting.

The "End of the Trail".
Dolly is playing "Bear in the hollow tree"

This large aqueduct is moving water to a generator at a hydro-electric plant

Bob the poser.

We found sever leaks in the big pipe

Little Dutch Boy? Naw, just Karen trying to plug a hole

Another Indian sign post

Three fire pictures from Saturday night. We wanted to use up all the wood and enjoy the coals.

It's coming along good

VERY hot fire.

Pitch dark outside, this is light from the fire on Minnie. Took a 10 second timed exposure to get this.

Moon coming out through the clouds and over the trees. It was a lot prettier than this picture, but you get the idea

We "Porked out at Munchies" like their T-shirts say. A fun place for Sunday breakfast. Took some pictures inside, but lost them during the camera to computer mistake.

After breakfast we went across the street. We were in Glide, OR. Saw this sign and had to check it out.

Everything in the bakery looked good!

The cakes were a mile high, and these pies were nice and thick. Pat and I settled on a huge bear claw that we split.

Entrance to Brocie's Farms in Winston, OR

There is a scales here to weigh you when you go out to pick. If you eat several pounds of fruit or berries, you have to pay for your weight gain when you check out :-)

This place is open all year, depending on what the crops are. In the winter they import things

During the seasons, most of their products are local grown.

They plant at different times. Corn is being harvested right now, but this field of corn won't be ready for another month.

They plant flowers too. Some of the pretty ones, they cut and sell

These are mostly weed kinds of flowers

Because of different cameras, we're back on the trail here. Karen in the trees

And the falls. I think Ronda took these, since I'm in them

The ROK hat that Skid and Sandy gave me. I was probably the only one at Cortez that didn't win one at the drawing. They as several and felt sorry for me. :-)

Three steps in the Falls

Sherm, Preston and Karen

Bob and the Dolly

Looking at the water

Karen and Preston

Sherm with weird expression... This is why I don't like my picture taken ;-)

Dolly on the car floor...