Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Port Orford in the rain. They keep this boat in the parking lot in case you need to use it to get to the bath room in the Rest Area. It rains a lot here!

A lunch stop in Orick, California. This is in the heart of the Redwood country.

This isn't morning dew on the rose. It's Early Morning Rain.

Can't pass up a Pink Flamingo, even if it is just painted on a wall.

Coco sits on her new seat for the first time. A Chihuahua/Poodle mix that belongs to KC Muir, the new owner of the Gold Wing.

This is Lynn, KC's wife. Trying out her new ride.

KC brought his family for the big day. Picking up a new bike is a family affair, it was nice to have them there.

Lynn says to KC, "OK, so what are YOU going to ride?"!!

Biker Chic Coco thinks she approves!

Elk that were crossing Highway 101 on the way home. I'd hate to run into these guys in the dark.

All the bulls were in velvet. It was a large herd.

At SCP in Reedsport this morning. (Thursday, May 20) Guy is tearing down a Harley engine was was "making noise" Look at the metal and the wear on the crank Pin.

This is what a connecting rod end shouldn't look like!

Guy Mobbley, a master mechanic. He's checking out the bike the engine came out of.

The bike isn't that old, but looks like it was abused some...or a lot.

This is the frame Guy made up for this 2 engine Indian he's taking to the Bonneville Salt Flats this September. He'll be running it in the "over 3000cc" class, and well as some other classes in an attempt to set more land speed records than he already holds.

Another project. This is going into an older Harley. Note the lightened and balanced rods, all hand polished too. The heavy fly wheels will also be drilled and balanced for optimum speed and durability.

The heads and been relieved, the inside air routes changed, and polishing inside is in progress. He has no flow bench, so will be using experience to set them up for the best air flow.

Another picture of the polished con rod.

Phoenix is loaded and ready to head out in the morning enroute California. I was going to ride it down, for my last trip on it, but...the weather is calling for 100% chance of rain tomorrow, so I'll haul it down to Santa Rosa on the trailer.

The garage will see empty without a GL1800 in it. And a piece of my heart will be going with this one.

The modified Harley used to live in this garage. American rider gave me this large hard poster and a nice plaque after using it for a magazine cover.

The "lift side" tool box. These tools have seen a lot of use over the years. Not so much anymore.

Last shot of the "project bike" before it goes out the door. People around here think I'm a little crazy to sell it..I probably am. :-)

Dave Waugh took this picture along Hwy 1 in California. He used his big lens, I like it! These nest 4 pictures are from Dave's camera card.

The Golden Gate, and a dry Wing...dry so far...........

Sunshine poking through the clouds and catching the top of the Golden Gate.

Confusion Hill, on Hwy 101 in the heart of the Giant Redwoods.

A wet Wing. Practicing up for Canada! Right now it's in a warm, dry garage in Coos Bay.

Dave (DD) from Calgary showed up this evening! He's riding from Phoenix home to Canada. It was 96 degrees in Phoenix a couple days ago, and 50 and raining when he got to Coos soaked puppy!

I'm not on a vroc blog now, so I can post a picture of this Heavy Duty..err, well something HD.

Dave says he's not ready to trade off his Wing yet...:-)

That's his red beauty. He has a new Mustang seat that he says is very good. The Corbin on the Harley is hard as a rock...but it looks cool..............

Only one more day for this one to live in Coos Bay. By Saturday night, it will live in San Jose, CA

Made my trip to the DMV today..I don't know why they seem to know me down there...