Thursday, March 21, 2013

Village Jazz

NPR guy.  He records the programs every week.  He made a CD of High Society when they were here last year, "Live from Yuma".

One of the local TV stations recorded tonight's performance.

Just before we left the park tonight, I took this Hibiscus flower picture.  It's on a bush next to Janet's house.

Every week they raffle off hand made and painted chairs like this. Goes to some local charity. $5 a ticket.  Pat bought a ticket tonight for one of them, but didn't win.

In December, it's plain dark by 6PM when they start.  Now, the sun hasn't even gone down!

Steve Henning, local Jazz musician and MC of most of the activies here in the music world is going to run the sound board for tonight's concert.  High Society from San Diego.  They put on an excellent Dixieland Jazz Concert.

Pat, Marlys, and Janet.  We've done a lot of things together this Winter.  This will be the last weekend we're all here for this season.  Bard tomorrow evening, the Janet leaves, we leave, and Marlys leaves last.

Pat has a Medium Sunday from Cold Stone.  She's already eaten a lot of it.  Calorie free! :-)

Marlys had a milkshake, Janet and I had these Guava Bobas.  They have round black things in them that don't have any flavor, sort of like little balls of tasteless jello.  Suppose to be good for you, and taste WONDERFUL!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March 19th

Didsbury Dave is opening a store in Yuma!

Redd's Fig tree

3 month old Chihuahua.  Cream and white.  If he was a female, I may have brought him home....

Redd has a row of these, he grew them from seeds.  Couple of weeks ago, it was just a small plant.  This heat (and Miracle Grow) makes this develop so fast, you can almost see them grow.

Redd bought some new polish, so being the gentleman that I am, I let him show me how good it works on my bike :-)

Friday, March 15, 2013

March 15 & 16, 2013Thi

Took Marlys to Mexico this morning, she had a dentist appointment.  I was going to eat here, next door to her dentist.  But, after looking inside, and saw what a nice place it was, I just went on down to my friend Jose's and had "the usual".

Yesterday morning, out by the Oatman Grave site, we saw a HUGE Roadrunner.  He wasn't as pretty as this one, but sure could go faster.  I slid to a stop, grabbing the camera, but he was in the brush before I could get a shot. Had no problem with this one.

Brought home 2 large cartons of Mexican Strawberries.  Each on is a real handful!  They are red all the way through, and taste like strawberry.  Unlike most of the force ripened California ones we get in the stores.  Sort of expensive, a buck a carton. :-)

Jim and Katie got home this afternoon.  Last night they went to an Eric Clampton Concert in Phoenix.  It was pretty hot today.  A jar of chocolate peanut Jiff sort of exploded in the bike trunk.

Wrongturn cleaning off a charging cord.

Katie's $25 Concert Souvenir program is not chocolate coated.  Along with a lot of other stuff.....
Put this stuff in your Vulcan!  It will make it run fast!

Three 6 week old Glen Terriers for sale at the Mexican Swap Meet.  She is sooooo sweet.  Was hard to leave her there...

Sizzlin' bacon wrapped hot dogs

Some mighty fine hot dogs here.  4 small booths selling them here, but we liked this one the best today.

Grilling peppers and onions for the hotdogs

After these are cooked on the grill, they are placed on these rollers to let the bacon grease drip off them, and also let the flavor sink into them

Pat, Marlys, and Janet enjoying some ice cream after the hot dogs

We call this the Mexican Swap Meet, 90% of the vendors and customers are Mexicans.  Out of 3 others, I like this one the best.  Love the food and the colorful items they sell.

Some shapely mannequins .  There are dozens of these of all sizes and shapes out here.

More Yuma Bougainvillea. 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

13-14 March, Oatman Site trip

Pat and I drove out to the Wild Desert today.  We're North East of Sentinal, AZ. We sat here for almost 24 hours before the first vehicle went by on the road. We're about a hundred yards of the dirt road, found this nice level spot to spend the night.

The XT got pretty dirty, but it will clean up when we get back to Yuma

Lots of big Saguaro Cactus out here

We were hoping to see some wildlife but it was pretty quiet out here.  I left some chicken bones and skin in a pile about 50 feet from the RV before going to bed.  By morning, it was all slicked clean, so there must have been a visitor in the night.  We did hear a Coyote singing to the moon.

Marked this spot on the GPS, in case we ever want to come again.  A very secluded place to spend the night, with good riding close by.

Sunset.  Still 90 degrees outside, but will cool off soon.

I went for a short evening ride.  And yes, I do have clothes on. Slowed to take a picture of the cactus along the trail, and ended up in the mirror.

8:35 AM. Lanny arrives, 5 minutes late! :-)

This old rock house is located on the Oatman Ranch.  We rode several miles on gravel, now into more dirt and silt of the Gila River Valley

Several of these hay stacks.  Was glad to see them, because they were one of the land marks we were looking for.

We did have directions from the internet, and "work of mouth", but nothing was totally correct.  We made a few wrong turns, but that was part of the fun.  A big puzzle

Hot, and shade is scarce.  We pulled in here to get a drink of water and check the directions again

Eureka! We found the Memorial grave site.  The bodies had been moved years ago from the Massacre Site.  This marker was put up in 1954.

There are no road signs or marked directions to get here.  Just a combination of bits and pieces.  So, it's pretty special to find it.  I'm glad we had to work hard to get here.

Although you have a lot of dirt, gravel, and dusty roads, you could get this far in a high clearance vehicle, a 4x4  truck would make it easily.  But, from here to the actual Massacre Site, it gets a little rough.

A few bucks in change, and some  Amulets on the grave stones.

The narrow upright marker on the left end was the original one, but it's unreadable. 

This bluff, zoomed 18 times from the grave site, is about a half mile away.  This is where they were headed, and they did make it to the top before being attacked.

Another Amulet

We found a trail that goes down into a ravine, Then sharply up the side of the Bluff.  It's much steeper than the picture shows it. Lanny volunteered to give it a try on his bike. 

He got part way up the hill on the other side before getting bogged down in loose dirt and brush.  He's getting turned around, which was quite a job.

Some on, some off the bike.  It's steep and loose. Because of the terrain, he couldn't get enough speed up to blast up the hill

Lanny is an excellent rider, and had the perfect bike or this kind of riding, but it was just too rough...steep, rocks, sand, loose dirt, and brush to be able to make it.  This is one of the easier parts

Don't know who's riding who trying to get up this hill

After giving up on the foot trail,  we tried several other ways to get to the top of the Mesa. This picture was taken several miles from the gravesite.  We found six piles of rocks, which I had seen a picture of on the internet. This is on the old Santa Fe Trail, and it's where someone told me the Massacre Site is.  Lanny is playing "Massacre"

We hung out and took a lot of pictures, then decided to go on as far as we could.  Had already been up some pretty rough trails to get here, where the road was good.

Bingo!  It's good we kept going, THIS is the actual site!

The Oatman's were Mormans, and had been traveling with a group, before the family set off on their own.  This was as far as they got.

Looking back from the top of the Mesa

Pretty rough road.  This is the exact path the wagons came up.  It's about a 30% grade, with a lot of rocks and loose sand

Those marks were made in 1854, by wagons being drug over the rocks.  Pretty tough duty!

A few feet down the trail, looking up to the Massacre Site

The way we came, it's about 140 miles from Yuma.

There are some HUGE cactus out here

A very Green Spring here in the Desert.  It was in the 90's, very pleasant riding temperature

We passed hundreds of very healthy Saguaros.  They are plump, full of water after a wet Winter

Only another hundred years or so, and this one will have arms too.

Looks level, but it's not.  Pretty steep hill, the kind that's hard to navigate with one eye and no depth perception.  I just hope for the best and blast on down. 

Lanny picking his way through the rocks

Back to another farm, we scared up this flock of egrets.  They were hanging out by an irrigation canal looking for a fish

This hill raises up around 1200 feet elevation.  We were headed to the top, but the US Army didn't want us up there.

Egrets before they flew
These next 12 or so pics are from Lanny's camera.

The Rendezvous on Rocky Point Road.  Getting ready for a good day of off road riding 

The Oatman Family Memorial and Grave Site

Sherm is happy to be here!

After a LOt of riding, and several wrong turns, we THINK we've found the Massacre site

Ripping off down the Santa Fe Trail!

We got pretty excited when we found the right place!  This was out goal, but it wasn't easy to get here!

Two Bikes.  Big Cactus

Contemplating what the Oatman's went through, just to come to a miserable ending of their lives.  Except or Olive, and one sister and one brother.  

The US Army Electronic Proving Ground is at the top of this hill.  Would have been nice to get up to the top, but we didn't feel like getting shot at today.

Trying to find our way back to the Rendezvous place where Pat has food ready 
We part ways at 2 PM, Lanny headed back to Sun City West, Pat and I back to Yuma.  We made it home, unloaded the Minnie, then went out for some Mexican Hot Dogs on West 8th Street

It was 90 some in our little Case when we got home.  Left the A/C going full blast and headed down here for the good chow with our neighbor Marlys

Scratch and Sniff.  Our park is filled with the scent of Orange Blossoms.  Some of the people (KT is one) get all stuffed up with the pollen and odor, but I LOVE it!  The best perfume in the world is Orange Blossoms

This lady is cooking out bacon wrapped hot dogs, and loading them with Mayo, onions, tomatoes, peppers, catsup and mustard. Served with some roasted jalapenos. We also had some crisp french fired smothered with melted cheese. 

What's left of the bacon Wrapped hotdog.  There are a dozen or more of these outside food cafe's within a mile of our house here in Yuma. Most don't open until dark, lost of the field workers eat late dinners.  This has been a wonderful 2 days!