Thursday, July 30, 2015

30 July 2015

Yard art, Bunker Hill, Coos Bay, OR

The American Classic Diner in Lakeside.  The owners used to have a place in Kingman, AZ, very close to our home there.  Small world.

Veterans welcome in here!


My new favorite place

Favorite is a Ribeye steak, 3 eggs, potatoes, and toast for $8.00 (no tax in Oregon)  Love this place!

Jim, this one's for you!  Empire on the Bay, Oregon.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

29 July Coos Bay

Several years ago, we shared a meal here with Ute Mike.

The T-Dub visits Charley Town

It was nice of the State to name this section of Hwy 101 after me!

One from yesterday.  Angie's lawn.  Surf boards and SUP boards.  Of course, Jon's pro model is in a soft case inside somewhere.

Pat did some laundry.  Used Karen's Christmas tree light holders to hang them out for some fresh air.

Charley Tuna was stolen a few years ago, but was recovered.  Someone hid him in the woods out of town.

Oysters are a big business in Coos Bay.  These have already been eaten...shells will be used for other things.

Daughter Angie and Darren, her hubby, rented this building, and turned it into a small cafe.  Eat in, or order and pick up whole meals to take out.  They had a good following, but it took too much time away, and the boys were small and needed too much attention. So, it was something else for awhile, now empty.

Yet another coastal gift shop

Need lots of eateries for the tourists.  Locals enjoy it too.

We'll be eating here before we head back to Kingman

Pat used to can Tuna every year. You don't save any money over buying it already canned, but the home canned is so much better, it's worth the time and effort.

The sign was planted that way

The Old General Store in Charleston

Good fish here!

Looks like a good place for a VROC rally. And, the Honeymoon Hotel!

The boat basin of trollers in the harbor today

Charleston is a major sea port on the Pacific Coast

A very good up scale restaurant

On the Draw Bridge

There are 3 busy canneries here in Charleston

This is new!  The main store is up the coast in Florence

It was a cool ride early this morning. The first time the little TW200 was unloaded since we left home in Kingman, AZ

Our good friend Susan (Zmean1) is a connoisseur  of chili dogs, and she loves Dairy Queen
Karen works here at South Coast Hospice.  A volunteer made up this Patriotic wheel barrow.

Wednesday Farmers Market.  Many fun vendors

Going to try making this the next time we visit a Golden Corral.  Will take some bacon to the Chocolate fountain!

Real Mexican Fish tacos for lunch. They were excellent.

We were going to have a Brisket, Mac and Cheese Bowl, but they ran out before we got there.

Lots of food vendors too

Another land mark

Liked this

Cool Platter

Davy, Davy Crockett!  They dyed his coon skin cap!

Fun store.  Some of the ladies dresses and accessories were amazing!
Took the dog for a walk

Nice evening on the River

There are all kinds and sizes of boats and ships for a couple of miles along this dock.  This is just a small sampling.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

28 July 2015

Used 2 cameras, so some duplicates, but couldn't decide which to include, so posting most of them.

Very narrow, this boat is using no power.  The towing boat is getting them in without assistance.

Almost in

A few more yards and they will both be clear.  As seen though the black berry bushes

They're in!

Depot Bay, 47' Life boats practicing a tow.  Slowing down to shorten the line.

Behind that concrete break water, is the entry to the Worlds smallest harbor that's open to the Ocean

The lines are almost short enough now to enter the harbor

A tight place to maneuver

This can be dangerous when heavy seas are running

In the harbor, reeling in the sea anchor

Time to get moored and go have breakfast
Inside the Drift in.  Yachats, OR. (Ya-Hots) We had a very good breakfast in here.

Underside of an umbrella. They have them for sale in the Drift Inn.

Outside dining

Touristy town

Chilly but nice morning

Our parking place for breakfast


Approaching the North Bend Bridge

Crossing the mouth of the Coos River.  This is Coos Bay. A railroad bridge to the West

On the Bridge

Entering the town we lived in for over 30 years.

Log decks sure aren't a large as they used to be.

Many breakfasts here.

Used to be a large Mill, now a casino

The Tioga is the tallest building in Coos Bay.  Spent many hours in there.  Eating, and square dancing. Even waiting for Greyhound busses. :-)

Downtown Coos Bay

Karen's fresh cut flowers

Sweet peas

Grandson Jon, and the "birthday girl" Lilli.  14 today!

The Sea Hag was a hangout when I used to come up here once a month for work

Lots of eating places

Early enough to get a parking place. Later in the day, it's tough to find a place

Heceta Head Light House.  The most photographed light house on the West Coast (or so I've been told)

You can hear the Sea Lions from here.

Sum Beach in Oregon

Good motorcycle Road

Home Sweet Home!