Monday, March 30, 2009

In the PNW, we're fueled most of the time with high test coffee. Dutch Brothers is one of my favorite places. There are 3 or 4 of these in Coos Bay, one large store, the rest these smaller ones. This was a normal drizzly, cold morning, I'm in line to get a jump start. 4/28/09

Click on the picture to see the tire better.

4/23/09 - Put a new front tire on the Wing today. Hope I don't wear it out before leaving for Kentucky in about 42 days! Went with a Bridgestone Radial this time. The rear is the Dunlop E3 that I had to have installed in Abluquerque on the way home from ES last Fall. I'll be glad when it wears out. Has a little over 3K on it now, will last until I get home from Kingdom come.

A Harley and a Nomad out for an early morning ride. They are headed West on Hwy 42.

South fork of the Coquille. It's still murky from the spring rains.

From our "Brown Bag" lunch table in the Powers, Oregon County Park. It's a beautiful spot! Don't forget, you can make any picture larger by clicking on it.

I met Ralph and Paul at the Harley shop in Coos Bay this morning for a "Because it's a Nice Day" Retread ride. Too bad more didn't show up, it was a perfect day!

On the Powers Highway. The fields are green, the flowers are in bloom. Here's some daffodils

After our lunch, and some pie and coffee at Jack's Fountain in Powers, we're heading back. This old Ford pickup was lookin' good!

Some of you VROC'ers that were here for the Rally last July will remember this place. I remember it well, it was where I got the first attack of Kidney stones! And didn't know what it was.

Our friend of many years,Cheryl. She has been carving and selling walking sticks all over Coos County. She now lives near Coquille and is out with her dolls and sticks. She also made another bicycle, this one with some parts from Orange County Choppers that she ordered. Quite a lady!

Pretty horses and a mule out enjoying the Spring sunshine.

This little mill on highway 42 is doing a booming business. Most all the large one have closed down.

There were lots of walkers on the board walk when I was on my way home today. The electronic signs had the temp from 77 degrees to 82 at the Bunker hill sign.

The CGC Orcas. This little vessel brings back a lot of memories for me!

This is the second year of the Kawasaki shop being in this location. They mostly deal with ATV's and Ski doos, but they have a pretty large inventory of dirt bikes and a few cruisers.

The chip piles along the Bay and Hiway 101 are filling up. It wont' be long before a ship from some foreign country comes in and takes them all away.

Saw a sign that Clint Black will be here soon. I didn't see the date. The Mill Casino is the big draw here in Coos Bay.

Steve Gunn with his new 2009 Road Glide. Beautiful new bike, same old Steve (SAG).
I'm starting this blog up again today, March 30, 2009.

Guy at SCP is working a totally custom chopper for a customer.

This will be the 09 "Bonneville Bike". Guy is going to build a twin engine Indian inside this stretched frame that hasn't been welded up yet.

This bike is one of the record holders at the Salt Flats. The "one in 20" decal is from Dennis Manniing (BUB). In the 5 years they have been having the time trials at Bonneville, Sherm's Cycle Products is one of 20 teams that have competed all 5 seasons. And, every year they have set one or more land speed records in the class they ran in.

SAG rode over to Reedsport where we met for lunch today. He's getting out every dry day working on his break in miles. We both plan on riding to California for the VROC Delta ride on the 19th of April (weather permitting)

Spring on the Coast brings out the Skunk Cabbage. This isn't the kind you'd make Cole Slaw out of!

After 5 months of sitting in the garage, the little Toyota fired right up. I'd forgotten how nice it is to drive it!