Saturday, May 23, 2009

It's been a long weekend! Preston takes a "power nap"

Bob and Dolly dozing.

Karen is sharing her morning coffee time with the dogs! We had 4 with us all weekend.

Julie's new stylish sweater. The little "hoodie" she tried on in the Mall was 40 bucks, so she settled for something a little cheaper that she would get more use out of. She's so practical!

Several of the PNW VROC riders know about this place. EXCELLENT food! Gigantic burgers, and fries made from fresh cut potatoes. We had a breakfast snack here this Sunday morning.

Preston's half eaten Chicken Fried Steak. The portions are reasonably large at the Wooden Nickel.!

Karen out catching some morning sun on Bob and Ronda's back patio.

Ronda is making potato salad, and fixing all the trimmings for the hamburger cook out

The meat is cooked, time to eat. Our first watermelon of the season too.

Yum Yum Burger.

Karen and Ronda model their new pajamas.

Bob bowling on Wii

Pat did real well, as soon as she realized she had to release the trigger

Preston has been practicing at home, he's pretty good at this.

Ronda bowls like a pro!

Karen got a good score, despite her somewhat questionable coordination

Julie tries on a "Hoodie" in a Mall pet store.

Pat, Ronda, Sherm, Preston and Karen at the Mall.

My good friend George lives here. He'll be 94 in a couple of months and still does all his own yard work!

The "gang". We're eating in an old rail car in the Eugene Electric Train Station.

After 4 years of living in their "cat house", (a Cougar 5th wheel), Bob & Ronda bought this nice home in the down town area of Salem, OR .

A light breakfast at the "The Almost Home" restaurant in Salem. Good food!

A Petunia tree! Made up of potted Petunias. This mall has beautiful flowers everywhere!

Sherm, Julie and Bob having an after breakfast Espresso.

This little shelf in the men's room was handy for stowing dogs and coffee while using the facilities.

A lacy Japanese Maple.

Sherm and Julie sharing a bench with 3 young ladies. The Jewel had fun sniffing their food!

Excellent little group! They were the entertainment of the day at Woodburn Outlet Mall

A Mall Urchin snacking on some ice cream.

Lots of flags out today, Memorial Day Weekend. This one is near the kids Tree House in the Mall

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bill, Jessie and Barbara at our morning coffee table at the BAAC.

This is Jessica, one of the young ladies that work at the morning counter. Note the closed circuit picture of the pool.

Mike, Marilyn, Joanne, and Mary, our morning insturctor in the pool

The nursery is a busy place. They do a good job of keeping the little ones contained and entertained.

New Sign in Coquille. I just had to try it.

After a nice 20 mile ride from the house, I'm here to try the ribs!

The Sawdust Theater will be opening for the season in 2 days!

One of the Rhodys in our back yard.