Saturday, February 21, 2015

Scandinavian Festival

All you Scandinavians will know what this means!

Lefse.  Thin potato patty.  buttered, sugar and cinnamon added, then rolled up.  $3!  For that I can get a couple dozen fresh tortillas over in Mexico that taste a LOT better.

Selling them individually, or in packages.

Ebelskivers.  Some are spelled Abelskivers (like the rally in Solvang)  These are very small, but taste good.

Grommerrot.  A sour-cream pudding.   Yuk!.  But....if you put in enough Lingonberry Jam, you can get it down.

Pat had these mini waffels with Strawberries.  She said they were good.

Several band scheduled for the day.  While we were there, we heard this Accordion  Band, and  a String orchestra.  Both were very good.

Ebelskiver, Aebleskiver....whatever.

A dozen or more booths selling nice Scandinavian items.

Rommergrot should be called Rottenrommer.

Pastries looked good.  We tried some Almond bread.   Too dry to swallow.

Next year we'll try something different.

Nice cups.

Lingonberrys must grow well over there in that cold climate

More food offerings.  Everything was expensive.  We ate it anyway.  Didn't like most of it.  But, that's just opinion.

We enjoyed looking at all the items they were selling.

The MC of the show.  

We saw several very nice paintings

And all kinds of Wall Hangings.

This band greeted us as we came in the main entrance.  Excellent music!

A couple of Yumans playing in the sand in from of the Convention Center.

Cooking up Aebleskivers

The ones we've had in Solvang are larger than these.  Takes a long time to cook them, we didn't want to wait.

These men enacted some warrior games.  Fun to watch.  Lots of authentic weapons and armor

Nothing to do with the Festival.  Jim and Katie are working on their VN1500 motorcycle.  Getting these saddlebags ready to install.  I just picked a new camera,  This was the first time the shutter was ever snapped.

Pickled Herring and Onions seemed popular. They were selling a lot of them.

One of our favorite booths

There were at least a couple hundred people here. The hours were 9 AM to 3PM, so people were coming and going.

Funny T-shirts

Not things you see every day down here on the Border

There was some Lingonberry jam in another booth from IKEA stores.  This was suppose to be from Norway.  You can imagine which jar Pat bought.  It was smaller too.  And cost more :-)

Almost tried this, but had reached my carb limit a lot earlier.

The displays were better than the taste of some of the items

We really enjoyed the Festive atmosphere.  It appeared that most of the people there were having a lot of fun

I think these would have tasted as good as they looked

Each of the Scandinavian countries presented their own flags ad their anthem was played. Canada and the US was last.  The lady singing is a vocal music teacher.  She really nailed the Star Spangled Banner.  My Patriotic juices were flowing...and so were the tears.  I need to get over that...

Probably one of the busiest food booths.  This was a slow time while the flags were being presented.  All in all, it was a very nice morning and the local people went all out to make this a good Festival.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

February 17, 2015

Breakfast in Mexico this morning

Live entertainment.  I also bought these two bottles of raw honey.

Old Town Yuma.  Went to the Historic Theater to pick up tickets to see a Celtic Performance, Song and Dance, for next week.

Alley in Old Town


Joe and Susan prepared a dinner for Fat Tuesday

Susan made the Cheese Biscuits

A wonderful Polish food meal.  Joe and Susan are both good cooks, although, Susan won't admit it.  Too "ladylike" :-)

Katie was crushed on Sunday when her good camera crashed to the ground at a gas stop.  She's feeling better now, a new one on the way!  Good job, Jim!

A real VROC family lives here

Giggle giggle

Dillon is recovering very well from a recent surgery.  I think he enjoyed the company

Joe is an artist in the kitchen

Books with no words are good!

All that cooking can make a girl tired!

Dinner over.  Time for some outside relaxing.  And time for us older ones to go home so I can work on this blog and hit the hay!