Friday, July 29, 2016

Little RV trip

Smell the BBQ!

Gas Station in Northern California

The can't afford clothes up here in the North Country

Pat checking out some of the tourist goodies

Bad Guys and Good Girls

Lots of this type of items in here

Ed (Big Daddy) Roth Art

Took this picture for Stewey

Granzellas. A fine place in Williams, CA

Large selection of beverages

Food of all kinds in here
Milk Goats.  We met an elderly Mexican man while at the Tire shop.  He had just paid $800 for this pair of young mild goats.   They provide milk for his large family.  His wife milks them.  Nice man to visit with.


The Mexican with the goats was pulling this well worn trailer with a nice Hummer.  He said his wife has a newer one, but he likes his because it gets better gas mileage.....
Fresh picked this morning

Brosi Sugar Tree Farms

We like to go this here at least once a year

Very good breakfast

Angie picking out some new shoes for her teaching job

Grandson Jonee was smacking golf balls at this inside driving range

Friday morning from Angies front deck

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Saturday in Solvang

Tony D. and Lanny.  Choosing routes for the day.

Mr. Olsen



Something for everyone

Don (VSP) and Mike (Wompus)

We rode about 55 miles north, through a lot of farm country, and 2 lane roads to the Beach at Grover City.  This is Charley, Jim and Lanny.  Charley Is Cat's Son.  He will be taking over the organization of the Solvang Rally.  The plan is for it to start again on July 19th, 2017.

Ray Mitchell

Mongo's is famous for Clam Chowder..and it's a real buys Night spot

Large Band Stand and dance floor

Our last Lunch.  Several of the attenders have already left.  Tomorrow morning it will be all over.
Nice decoration inside Cecco's

A fine Italian Restaurant.  We had wood fired oven pizzas

Tony D.  trying out for a doorman job

The sun is setting

Rent a surrey or bicycle, and get some sweet treats

Another windmill in Solvang

This used to be an excellent Smorgasbord, but a couple of years ago, it was changed to Mexican food.

The last visit.  Several have already left

It's been a fine rally.  Total of 23 vroc'ers and a few guests.  Small groups like this are good for visiting.


On James new bike.

Lanny tying down his little Kawasaki.  We'll be hauling out in the morning.