Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Years eve...2015

Joe and Susan cooked an outstanding Italian lunch! This is Eve, Eve.  This is the kitchen in their Winter home.

Jim is having a "one on one" with Dillon. Katie waiting for food!

After lunch, we all went for different rides.  Lanny and I headed to Somerton, through the lettuce fields.  This is his first longish ride on the new Versys.  That little baby is FAST!

Lanny got his Cactus pin, he's on official member of the Sonoran VROC Unofficial Chapter.
As with ALL of officers, no dues, no leaders, NO RULES.  But, we all seem to get along.

Azul Mariscos!  Romy and Susan.

7 of us made it.  Joe is having back pains, Pat has a pretty bad cold.

Only 2 more days, and this lovely Lady will be going back to Canada, and work. We'll sure miss her and Dave!

Katie scoping out the hotsauce

Susan dressed for Winter

Romy's fish taco and a yummy Toritos (Stuffed pepper)

One corn, one Flour fish taco.  A whole meal for 3 bucks!

Tasty snack!

Molcas Tacos.  Where you don't pay if you don't like the food.  Everybody pays!

Very good Hor d' oeuvres.  The food is on the way

Susan's Grilled chicken breasts and eggs.  With a few veggies, and lots of sauces

Chicken Tortilla Soup.  Very, Very good!

Our friend Jose...with Susan and Joe.

Lots of the vendors sell a variety of Pink Flamingos.  Susan is in 7th Heaven!  She's fond of these Classy birds!

Lanny and I had a great parking place.

It was chilly, but still a nice ride.  This is old Hwy US 80.  We stayed off the freeway, on the five mile  ride to Mexico.

La Bonita Spa. How many ladies does it take to trim a Badger?
Beginning of the New Years Eve party and dinner at Dave and Romy's

Wrong Turn is a fire eater!  

Dave and Romy do it again!  A most wonderful meal to end 2015.  It's really wonderful to have friends and neighbors like these people!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Through Dec 22, 2015

Dave and Romy got in early this morning.  Doesn't take Dave long to schmooze up Ruth, our Park Manager.  She's a real nice lady, and does a fine job of "managing".

Too much back light, but a nice shot of the Waughs and the Ayers!

As always this time of year, lettuce harvest is in full swing.  Sunday morning, and they are still hard at work.

Some of us went to a Hand Bell concert this evening.  It was a pleasant time of listening to Christmas music.

A Marine house on Candy Cane lane

The rotor on this heliopter was spinning

This is in downtown Yuma.  Earlier, we went to the main lighted neighborhood on 55th Street out in the Foothills.

Pigs fly!  this house is directly across the street from our park.

The Waugh's big Ford.  A beautiful King Ranch

Susan left this bike down here all Summer.  It fired right and ran perfectly.  Nice Vulcan!

Since it will be in the 70's later today, it was decided this would be our annual Christmas ride.  Sonoran Chapter of VROC.

The farm worker's cars were in the way for a good picture, but this is one of our usual stops.

Jim took the picture...not sure where Romy was.

"Ladies of VROC" 

Susan is stretching, waving or praising...not sure which, but it's all good!

Getting ready to Saddle up.  That BIG VN2000 is looking good, Dave!

The Newly Weds!  Joe and Susan (Badger and Zmean1)

A VROC poster girl.  Ooops. No pink accessories. :-)

The Whistle Stop in Tacna.  About 40 some miles East by the interstate 8.  But longer the way we came through the Valley.  Covered about 102 miles on our little ride.

The line up

It had warmed up to be very comfortable eating outside

Wrong Turn made a Right Turn this Time!

Do these bags make my Butt look big?  Check the license plates.....

We had a very good waitress.  And, the food was excellent


6 bikes, 8 people.  Pat and Katie rode 2 up today.

Susan made a nice toast in memory of Cat.  Our good friend, and long time VROC member. A long distance rider, she has met many people all over the country while riding to events.  Her husband, James, is having a memorial today at their home over in California.  We participated from Arizona. R.I.P. Karen (Cat) Sigelaar.

This unopened bottle of our favorite sauce didn't stay unopened for long.  Just right to top the foods we ordered.
It was a perfect day.  Looking forward to many more this Winter.