Monday, August 10, 2009

We rode up to Winchester Bay this afternoon (9/27/09) to check out any new eateries. We did find a couple.

We were on a quest for PIE, and this place just has bread and pastries..and some cobblers, and a lot of other good stuff, but now pie. We'll come back and try it another time. It opened recently.

After checking Kitty's Christmas store in Windy Bay (our destination) and found it closed until October 6th, we headed up to Reedsport for some of Bob's Old Fashioned Pies. I had "no sugar added Boysenberry with carb smart Ice Cream, Karen had Sugar Free Espresso/chocolate pie, Pat had a double Chocolate Sundae, and Preston had the same pie as mine. It was good, but not as large portions as we get at Kitty's:-(

Which one is Leo?

The Umpqua River Lighthouse...The original one, built a little lower than were we are now, was the oldest in the State of Oregon. Preston remembers when it was built.

Pat is kicking back. She got out her winter riding clothes, but didn't need them. It was 78 degrees in Reedsport today.

Karen on a "Scooter named Flame" That's about all the pics we took today. It was a very nice ride. Even if I did have to miss the last part of the NASCAR race:-)

Fall flowers at Camping World near Portland, OR. 9/3/09

There were a lot more, but I'll stop the flowers with these 2 pictures :-)

Storm clouds are starting to form up, but I made it out before any rain. It was mid 80's and nice.

It took 3.5 hours to do the complete installation of a gear driven satellite dish. We're ready for the road!

A pretty house in Drain, OR. I was leaning the camera on the hood of the Minnie for support, it was almost dark. I was surprised how good it turned out. It's a good thing the city put up the warning sign! You can click on the picture to read it better.

9/5/09 Winchester Bay had their annual Art at the BayFestival this weekend. This booth has something for both the Ducks and the Beavers. He even has some bears too!

A very nice little Chihuahua. We sure miss our Rosie...............

The best pie that I know of on the Oregon coast can be had right here. Very generous slices, nice and thick, very tasty crusts and a good variety. And, not very expensive. There are a lot of other neat little items in this mainly Christmas Store.

One of the County Booths at the State Fair. Coos County didn't have one this year.

Sharing about 3 pounds of fresh cut French Fries at the State Fair. Also shared an 18" corn dog and other goodies. This is Ronda, Karen, and Bob.

Karen decided to liven up the Hospice office, so they had an official "Hat Day".

The Hospice Hat ladies! They are headed to Branson for a performance.

Four Generations of Gebhardts. This was taken on August 13, 2009 at the "Gebhardt Blast".
Baby Bridget is 5 weeks old. Great Grandpa George is 94.

The Acord Guest House. Tom is my brother. Tom and Kathy Acord live in the little town of Kerby, Oregon. It's on Highway 199 between Grants Pass and Crescent City, CA. They own and operate a small producing farm. This cabin is all set up very nicely for house guests.

They have 4 horses and a Mule. Tom feeds them every morning, and they expect their treat of dog biscuits before they get the hay. Woody the Mule is over 30 years old.

Delivering this larger "off road" Kwik Kamp to a dealer in California. We are ready to leave the factory in Abilene, Texas here. We put over 200,000 miles on this truck and 5th wheel, working for Kwik Kamp Trailers.

Abilene, Texas. Kwik Kamp King with all accessories, and a 1997 VN1500 Kawasaki Vulcan. Preparing to leave on a 13,300 mile trip around the United States. Purpose is to demonstrate this trailer and train Dealers how to sell them. This was in the summer of 1997. The trip took 6 weeks and went without any mechanical problems.

The "Street Sweeper". Cover bike for American Rider Magazine. We owned it for about 2 years.

New Kwik Kamp King. Abilene, Texas, 1997, at the Kwik Kamp Factory on East Hwy 80.

Our 84 Bagger with a Kwik Kamp built cargo trailer. I did all the assembly work on the trailer, the fiberglass was molded in Troup, TX. It was painted to match the Harley. This picture was taken in Charleston, Oregon

A pasture near Coquille, OR. We bought this FLH shovelhead new in 1979. Put a lot of miles on it, and did the top end 3 times. Once, on the road. Also put in a primary drive belt, which wasn't trouble free:-) We stripped it down and sold it to an outlaw biker in Oklahoma. We then bought a 1984, one of the first EVO engines. Paint, chrome and graphics were almost an exact copy of this one.

Two fingers of the Charleston boat harbor piers. Fog is rolling in, it's around 7:30 PM. I took Suzy Blue for a ride, and did some video testing with the new Panasonic movie camera.

Pat, Ruth, Karen and Preston at our table in the Cornucopia

An Artichoke going to seed.

Trumpet vines surrounded our outside dining area. Bees were thick, but they were too involved with the sweetness of the blossoms to bother us.

Saturday Market in Eugene has several flower vendors. All have beautiful arrangements.

Fruit and vegetables are everywhere in the market, which covers several square city blocks.

This booth has several different kinds of "shrooms" These Lobster ones looked interesting.

All no calorie breads! (yeah, right)

Live plants, herbs, fruits flowers and vegetables, all in one booth!

This guy as a sign in his guitar case that said "Whiskey Fund" or something like that.

A lot of colorful people here, it's like this every week.

This guy said "Hey! Rich Guy! Give me a buck, then you won't have to spend it!"

This musician in his kilt would be a big disappointment for Roxy. He was wearing pajama bottoms under his skirt!

I'm not sure what this lady was selling, but I liked her hat.

Probably a dozen tie dye booths. I did get a new pair of skivvies to add to the others I have.

My dream come true! Tie Dyed toilet paper! Who would have ever thought of this!

Senseless Beauty.............OK

Street people of all kinds

Sort of a different look. She was manning a booth (ladying?) but I don't know what she was selling.

Look at the snake around this girls neck! You can click on the picture to see it better.

Some lovely tatoos!

These girls are checking out the "tree man"

He walked very slowly on stilts, and turned his head very slowly too. Interesting costume!

Sort of scary!

Fun loving guys!

Most of the young ones were on the "bum"

A pretty something made out of glass. There were some nice things in some of the booths.

"One size fits all" dress

Karen checking out some tie dye.

A little nicer material and good dye jobs. Most of the T's were 10 bucks, this booth was asking $25!

Yum Yum fruit cups. We were full when we got there, so didn't buy much street food today.

This lady give messages and pedicures in her booth.

Karen is checking out the "fresh picked rainbows"

Cute dog!

They wanted a buck for me to take their picture, so I obliged.

There were several different musical groups in the market. This was mostly drums and guitars. They were pretty good, and a few people were doing some kind of dancing.

Nice young couple

She was really wacking that drum! Looked sort of wild with all that hair flopping to the music.

A BIG boy, enjoying the music and sights.

You could have had a tummy ache if you sampled everything that was out there.

The Springfield River park. We're here on Saturday afternoon for a Brews and Blues Charity festival for the Habitat for Humanity.

This little Fairy liked to sway with the music. There were some excellent Blues Bands performing here, but it's not my favorite kind of music.

Sunday Morning brunch at the King Estates Winery. It was a "mountain top" experience!

Ruth is soaking in the atmosphere waiting for her breakfast.

Many acres of vineyards surround the Winery. We'll be eating outside on a nice patio overlooking fields of lavender and grapes.

Late Summer flowers are abundant here at the winery.

We've placed our order, and patiently wait the excellent food.

Pat had thinly sliced lamb roast on Walnut Sourdough Bread. Home made potato chips and a fresh garden salad.

Pulled port on home made buns, with rustic potato salad, garden greens and coleslaw.

Hanging flowers were hung all around the patio and tasting room entry way.

Hanging heavy, these grapes will be processed this fall for King Estate Wine.

All that's left of this airplane is the fuel tank and the propeller!