Thursday, August 22, 2013

Aug 22nd. Mark and Wanda leaving

Wanda enjoying early morning sunshine at the Hackberry Store

Introduced them to my friend.  The store doesn't open until 9 AM, so we weren't able to go inside, and the red and white Corvette wasn't there yet

This fine looking motorcycle will be without a lot of it's plastic come Monday

Which one is Elvis?

The guitar player was good.  Nice voice.  The young lady didn't have much voice at all....

Kenny enjoying Route 66

Nice Edsel

Just down the street from the Road Kill Cafe

Every Friday at 6 PM the locals here on the Res gather to fill up for the weekend

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

21 Aug, evening

We had breakfast with my aunt

Wanda and Mark

After touring Yosemite yesterday, they made it here to Kingman

The big VN2000

Golden Coral

Aug 21, and updates to some posts

Sunday Breakfast at the Family Tree.  One of the oldest buildings in the area.  Back in the 1800's it was a tavern.  There is a hidden staircase leading to a large basement. all enclosed with rock walls. There was a boxing ring down there, among other things.  It's suppose to be haunted

It was on the TV series about haunted houses,  Haunted or not, the food was good

The waitress was funny.  And she did a fine job of serving us

From the outside

Not far from Salt Lake. But it's painted like an East Coast Light House

Biglefti walking to the pool at the Virgin River Casino. Cat and Jim are in there somewhere.  It's HOT.

Thunder storms all around. Started some fires

One of the several entrances to the Casino

This place is across the street. Thee are a bunch of Casinos here in Mesquite, NV

Shortly after sun up.  Cloud cover is keeping it around 84 nice degrees

Back home in Kingman.  This is Monday afternoon.  Southern Draw and Southern Charm roll in for a one night visit.  They are riding from North Carolina

A little sun baked

Bill collects plates,so I helped him out with an old bike plate from Oregon

Unpacking the Nomad

The Vault is about full

Bill lost his air filter somewhere around Dallas, TX.  A VROC person helped build one from parts they picked  up. and another vroc memver painted it up

Tuesday Morning.  Packed up and are on the way to the Grand Canyon West Skywalk. This was a quick stop at the Wild Horse market

Kenny and Thelma joyned us on their new to them Gold Wing.  It's a beautiful bike!

Bill, Carolyn, Kenny, Thelma, and Pat

Same group, more zoom

Sherm & Pat with the Southerners

Thelm is getting used to the new bike

We had breakfast in a nice little Diner in Dolan Springs. These coffee cups are covered to keep the flies out. The place was abuzz.  But, my omlette was one of the best I've had anywhere

Saturday, August 17, 2013

17 Aug. Sat evening, Logan

It's winding down.  They just finished with the lengthy raffle.  The rides of the day all went well.  I'm not even going to try and caption most of these last ones.  Going to make another short post with some of Dave and Romy's pictures.  If you see yourself, you'll know who you are.  If you don't know someone, please come to a rally and get acquainted :-)

Only about 5 Wings at Logan.  Ususally there are about as many as vulcans...:-)

Didsbury Dave after a long hot day

Chuck (macguy) Francis, Barb and Jack Foree, Wanda and Mark and Lanny

hanging out waiting for the raffle

Mr. 4E did an outstanding job on Barb's gas tank

The lovely Barbara Foree.  Recently retired, but still doing a lot of volunteer work

AJ (Mark Williams, recently from Las Vegas

Was nice to see Bucky again

Yvette helping the UT group get ready for the raffle

Saturday evening..Aug 17.. Almost the END

Howard and Linda, and Six Pack Jack. They on on pins and needles waiting to win something :-)

Randy and Joe are about to fight over the last potato chip

Three Barbaras!

Pizza!  Makes Randy a happy man

Ice Cream has lost a lot of weight.  But...this pizza might add a few ounces back :-)

A delicate eater, enjoying the pizza

For a $10 donation, you could have a piece of pizza.  It looked pretty good, but not everyone took advantage of it

Back in the "old days" I could have put a hurt on this!

One of the first called, Nitelite goes up to claim a prize