Saturday, July 26, 2014

Saturday with Redd

Cactus waking up to a nice sunrise

Redd said they wouldn't let him in.  He didn't qualify as a Gentleman. :-)

Cool Springs Store

On Route 66. Between Kingman and Oatman.  A replica built on the original foundation with some of the original walls.  Looked just like this in the 40's-mid 60's.  Was rebuilt for a movie set, then progressed to a tourist attraction.

Nice morning

Owner of the store.  He wears a pink cap "Because he can".  And no one bothers him much about wearing it 

Sitting  in the Route 66 chairs, enjoying a Diet Dew

Check the profile on the left edge.  Forehead with wrinkles, a closed eye, nose and mustash over the lips.  Just noticed this for the first time today.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Redd visit

Our 2 house guests. Up before sunrise having some coffee and being entertained by the puppy.

Sun over the Peacock Mountains in Kingman

Redd has named her Blondy, so guess I can't call her Rosie anymore.  Up to 3 pounds, 2 ounces.

Redd crossed his fingers.  He wasn't totally sure about the gender of this Native American. 

He's trying to look serious.  Unusual for Redd.

With Peggy Sue

He likes the Biker Chick better

This one got his attention too!

Oasis in the Desert

Waiting for the bus

A nice 57.  Johm, the owner, drives this car to work every day and always parks it here. It's WELL photographed!
We went up to the top of the Hualapai's this afternoon.  Elk are catching an afternoon nap

These are wild elk, but like to hang out at the lodge where they sometimes open a bale of hay for them

The little store.  They have a Keurig coffee maker in there, Often enjoy a cup.  It's only 83 degrees right now.  12 miles down the hill in the middle of town, it's 102.

The bar and restaurant are in here.  Fine dining!

This peak is 6800 feet.  We're only 4 or 5 hundred feet from the top.

Redd checking out some of the paintings.  All 3 walls and the back hall way are lined with some different artists work

Baked goodies on one side

Old fashioned soda shop on the other side

Some sugar free almond amaretto ice cream, Pinacolada cake, Carrot cake, rasberry cheese cake and a tripple hot fudge sunday

Redd and I had the "no sugar added" un imaginative ice cream

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Solvang Day 5

The day started with a brisk 66 mile ride up the El Camino Real to The Madonna Inn.  This is one of the dining areas.  Some of the group had never been her, so it was worth the ride.

Biglefti pointing to the Water fall in the mens room.

DonVSP though he found a slot machine.  But it only took pennies and printed out a logo on each one. Of course you also had to put in 2 quarters for it to print.  He didn't win anything

Stomp those grapes!

The place is full of beautiful wood carvings.  It was all done by one man. And then he died.

A little dancing optional

The stairs going up to the Boutique

One of the entry ways

A real 50's style Diner

One of my favorite paintings

The wait wasn't too long, even with 11 people.  They opened up a table in the back room for us

A very extensive menu

The portions were generous. This is Cat's Birthday Breakfast

My plate on the lower right was a Senior Lite serving.  It was enough for me

This is 1/2 a chicken salad.  I was huge

This person ordered onion rings.  This is what's left after he had his fill.  They war pretty big.

Wrinkles ordered a strawberry malt and an order of fries.  Never seen anyone dip their fries in a Malt before. But he says it's good.

Margie's entry

We rode the bikes out to the end of the 3rd pier in Avila Beach

In 1962 and 63 when I lived on the lighthouse, we parked our cars inside where there is a restaurant now.  It was a fish buying business then, and storage areas for nets and gear.  We were close friends with the Portuguese Fishermen that worked and some lived out here on the pier 

Back then, this structure wasn't here.  We parked our personal vehicles here when we were at the light house

Pare of Avila Harbor

Our Coast Guard Pier was out between that white rock (white because it's covered with Guano), and the Black rock.  We ran our own boat back and forth, or walked the 2 mile trail along the cliff.  All our groceries and household goods got to our homes out there in a small boat.  As well as trips to town for mail and other business.

Back at the Madonna Inn. Pink is the order of the day

A little cave in the basement

Cat and Sue are escorted into the men's room to check out the waterfall. 

The whole group, except Biglefti who got lost wandering through the coffee shop, and Sherm, who is taking the picture.

A very fine place to eat

Have stayed in the Rose Garden Inn before, it's a decent motel.

This is the transportation to the Light house.  They have put in a narrow one lane road since was was stationed out there.

Dirt parking lot

The machinery room has changed a lot since it hasn't been in service since 1974.  The emergency generator has been removed as well as other machinery and electrical distribution panels

This 4th order Fresnel lens was used here at the light house.  It could be seen 15-20 miles from the sea.  I was turned by a mechanical clockworks that was powered by a weight that hung below the light.  Originally burned oil.  Converted to Propane and then to electricity.

Seven of us vroc' ers from the rally took the tour

I lived in the right side of this duplex.  Back then the lawns were beautiful green, with ice plan ground cover, and lots of geraniums flowered most of the year 

The gift shop used to be where we stood our watched, and was the station office, and radio beacon room.  There were three Seth-Thomas clocks in here that we have to set every 4 hours using radio station WWV out of Colorado, we used a short wave radio to get the time signal

The small building was used for a chicken house

I lived here in this duplex for about 6 months, but was promoted and moved up to the newer one in the last picture.  I spent 2 years on this Light Station

The Coast Guard Pier was damaged in a storm several years ago and was never replaced. it was down at the end of this road, which was all dirt

The older duplex. It was comfortable living

Seals on the landing of the old Coast Guard dock on the 3rd pier. Lanny went down the stairs to get a better picture

This is where we met the station boat to haul out our weekly groceries or any other supplies we needed

Lots of changes since 1962!

A small troller coming in from at day of fishing. This has been a day of memories!

Kasey and Biglefti soaking after a nice day of riding

Wrinkles had the big, cold pool to himself

Sitting around waiting for the door prize drawing, the items were provided by Kawasaki.

All the names of people that signed up to attend the rally were in the pot. had to be present to win.  Scorpion~ would have won this nice day bag.  Sorry Steve..........:-)