Friday, September 28, 2012

Back in Kingman

September 30th.  Last picture for the month.  Went for a ride on this beautiful afternoon.  Can't think of any place I'd rather live!  Now, if all friends would move here to keep us company, it would be perfect!
One of these years, Kingman will be able to afford a new cop car.

When they did get one, it was painted up in honor of Zmean1

When Jamey T. gets his new Wing, look for a paint job similar to this!

Coast Guard has a presence on the Colorado Rive and Lake Mead here in Mohave County.

It's Rodeo Weekend and Andy Devine Days here.  The Patriot Riders had several bikes in the parade.
Passed several small herds of "free range" livestock today, but only too this picture.  There were some pretty horses, but a little far off the road.  There are no fences in this area, and if you hit an animal, YOU pay for it.  They have the right of way.

Nice to be back in the familiar feeling "dry" heat of the desert.  The weekly ride so the guys can get their lottery tickets and I can talk NASCAR with Ron, the store owner.

Our destination. A lot of "wild" people live in this Lake Mead Community. The store is 51 miles from our place in Kingman.  It's the closest place to the Glass overlook at the Grand Canyon West.

"Breakfast of Champions"

This has been a store, a bar, and a real estate office. But, it's been closed for several years.  Everyone that lives in Lake Mead City has to haul in their water.  Wells are around 900 feet deep and if you do get water it isn't very good. So, everyone has tanks and a way to haul them.

Plenty of Joshua Trees.  Just waiting to poke Skid. :-)

Back in Kingman.  On Northern Ave.  This just opened yesterday.    New Mexican Restaurant.

New Kawasaki/Suzuki shop.

The owner and his employees did the paint, epoxy, and most of the interior building.  Excellent job!

Parts and Service has a nice waiting room.  This was most recently a Toyota Dealership, but it's been complete re-organized.

Nice row of Vulcans.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sept 24, 25, end of blog

Sherm and Craig Lewis on the way to lunch on the Eastern Shore of Virginia

Sherm talking to Talon at the Kaw Pasture Motel in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia

Taken on the Jamestown Ferry
Continental Divide, I-40 in New Mexico. There used to be a large arch here.  This is one of MANY bikes I've taken this picture with, but it's the first time one has been on a trailer. :-)  The signs are fading, the place is all run down.  Guess we've almost seen the "End of an Era"  at this crossing

Sandy and Elvis.  Phone picture at the visitor center entering Tennessee

Stonewall enjoying some food

Toby and wife.  I think I'll stick to my real camera, these last ones are from the phone, which I don't know how to use

Cute dog we saw at a Flying J

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Argo

The suit Elvis wore while filming Blue Hawaii

Skid's Grease Burger

Another business at the Continental Divide

Lucky Al at his table in Chincoteague Island,  Virginia

My Chef's Salad

Julie's Seafood Combo.  Young Canadian Ladies are big eaters!

Slammer made her laugh :-)

Jack Foree in his Body Shop, Holbrook, AZ,  Stopped here yesterday on the way home.  another blurry phone picture

Inside Sheplers.   Very nice store!

Inside Dirty Ernie's, Fayetteville, West Virginia

Tennessee visitor center had 3 museums in it.

VROC'ers on deck of the Chincoteague Inn

Gary (Biker) from Canada.  Mr. Keurig Coffee!

New Mexico on the way home

Route 66 in the Texas Panhandle.  Looking for a motel

Route 66 business

Sun rise in my rear view mirror

Entertainment on Interstate 40

Bill boards on I-40 replaced Burma Shave signs on Route 66

New Mexico

Right behind the bike, there used to be a large arch.  Many times I've ridden back there, and put a motorcycle under the arch for a picture.  Usually just enough clearance for the bars.  It's gone.  The pictures are fading....sad

No one is keeping this place up.  Soon, it will return to the earth like so many other landmarks along here

The newer places aren't as good as the old ones

Near the Border


Arizona Sky

Centennial Year is rapidly coming to an end

The Tee Pee is where Geronimo lives.  He sells his stuff in the store below.

7300 feet elevation near Flagstaff

The sign I've been waiting for.  2400 miles in 3 days

Little Harley is home too. Tomorrow the clean up and service for it and the Toyota.

Pat is happy with her 17 pound Virginia Ham.  As for the rest of the blog, it will be in sort of reverse order.  If you didn't see the one from Eureka springs, the address is: