Friday, August 4, 2017

Arrive Coos Bay

As we were leaving Angie's place on the lake this morning, This mother and baby deer was walking across the street into this driveway.

Near downtown Lincoln City, this is the house that Angie and Darren have earnest  money on.  A large back yard with out building and lots of cement.  They have been paying rent for several years, and decided it was time to buy.  

This looks like the iguana in our yard in Yuma

Entrance to Depoe Bay.  The Worlds smallest Harbor.  That's the open Pacific out there.

A large Zodiak boat returning with a party of Whale watchers.

Ate many lunches at the Sea Hag. The salad bar used to be in an old wooden boat.  Probably still is, but we didn't go inside.

Busy little town

Pat had to check out the bakery

It's the same age as me

Best thing I've seen in a long time.  And, I didn't eat one.  In fact, didn't have anything.  Pat bought a nice large Cinnamon roll

The Coast Guard Boat house is empty.  They are either on patrol, or a case.  Or possibly one is in a ship yard for annual maintenance.

Famous place

Something to do

We were fortunate to find a parking place.

Lunch stop.  Fired up the generator and made coffee and ate from our on board supply

Light surf today
Must be for fast drinkers

Lots of different and interesting labels in this wine shop

One of the best thought out racks I've seen.  The bike is very stable.  A clamp on both foot pegs holds it in place

A log deck waiting to be loaded on ships to go to Asian ports.  This is right across from the original Sherm's Cycle Products on Hwy 101.  This was a drive by shot, will get some better pictures tomorrow.
hot as we drove by, will get some better pictures tomorrow.

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